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Group of happy people

Paula Bishop


I have moon energy in my aura.  This enables me to help people discover their heart's desires and journey toward their full potential, thus bringing them joy.

The earth's rhythm is changing and people are drawn to following their heart's desires and being the best they can.

The earth rhythm of the aura is part of the electrics, radiant circuits, lower dantien, kidney meridian and earth star energy systems.  The earth rhythm of the aura and the heart chakra is who we are.  My kidney meridian and yin bridge radiant circuit also have moon energy.  This means I balance people's auras and celtic weave naturally, and sense their previous lifetimes.

Spiritual Energies
Spiritual Toxins


Spiritual energies exist in the earth rhythm electrics of the aura.  The aura is made up of electrics, radiant circuits and celtic weave systems, which are all earth rhythm.

Emotions are spiritual toxins and are held in the aura of the earth star.  The electrics, radiant circuits, earth rhythm, earth star and the heart organ contain emotions from previous lives.

The Electrics

Spiritual Energies
Lower Dantien

Spiritual energies exist in the earth rhythm electrics of the earth star, the electrics of the lower dantien and the electrics of the celtic weave.

The electrics connect the lower dantien to  the earth rhythm of the earth star.

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