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Heart Electrics

The aura of a person's earth star has a celtic weave and an electrical system.  The electrics of the heart organ of a person, is also their yin bridge, and connects them to their earth star.  My earth star has earth electrics and moon electrics which means that I can balance the earth rhythm electrics of a person's earth star.

My heart organ's electrics are my earth persona.  The earth star's whirlpool is it's aura.  A person's heart chakra and earth star are their yin bridge.  The moon energy in my heart chakra and earth star, along with my earth energy balances a person's aura.

The earth rhythm of my earth star's whirlpool has moon energy.  My moon energy and my celtic weave balance a person's aura.

The electrics of the aura of the earth is changing to incorporate moon electrics.  The kidney meridian, penetrating flow radiant circuit, heart chakra and celtic weave of people are changing too.  My moon energy, heart electrics to earth star connection, yin bridge and earth rhythm are helping people with these changes.

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