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Moon Energy

The heart chakra and the electrics of the earth star are the yin bridge.  My moon energy and lower dantien balance spiritual energies.  My heart organ, yin bridge and earth rhythm of my earth star balance spiritual toxins.  My yin bridge, earth rhythm of the earth star and lower dantien balance spiritual energies of the heart chakra.

The moon energies of my earth star, kidney meridian, lower dantien, yin bridge and heart chakra are who I am.     

The Electrics

Earth Electrics

The earth electrics and the electrics of the radiant circuits contain spiritual energies.  The celtic weave and kidney meridian hook up the electrics of the kidney organ to the earth star, which sits below a person's feet in the earth.

The Radiant Circuit Electrics

Spiritual toxins exist in the electrics of the radiant circuits.  Spiritual toxins in the earth rhythm of the radiant circuits of the heart organ electrics and kidney organ electrics exist in the celtic weave. The yin bridge and the heart chakra connect the kidney meridian to the earth star to balance spiritual energies.

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