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Previous Lives

The earth star electrics and the heart organ electrics are the yin bridge.  The heart chakra is connected to the earth star by the kidney meridian.

The kidney organ is connected to the earth star by the earth rhythm electrics which balance spiritual energies.  The kidney organ, which is connected to the earth star, the lower dantien, and the earth rhythm electrics of the earth star, balance spiritual energies of the heart.  The earth rhythm, kidney meridian, the lower dantien and the earth star hold spiritual energies. 

The moon energies in my aura and my kidney meridian balance spiritual energies in other people's earth stars.  My strong earth rhythm balances spiritual energies of the past.  My yin bridge, earth rhythm and heart organ balance the earth rhythm electrics.  The earth rhythm of my earth star, my heart chakra and kidney organ balance the other person's heart organ.  My taiji pole, earth rhythm electrics, yin bridge, celtic weave and dantiens are very strong.

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